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The Hocking Hills of Ohio are full of nooks and crannies hidden somewhere between the huge pockets of wilderness and Hills cabins rentals. Folks drive here from big cities like Columbus and little towns like New Straitsville.

They come to see the more popular sites of the region like Ash Cave, Old Man's Cave and Cedar Falls. They stay a night at many of the Hocking Hills cabins and wash away the day’s cares in a hot tub beneath the canopy of trees. But here at Hidden Hocking, we want to show you the parts of the Hocking Hills region most folks never see.

These are places like Cantwell Cliffs and Moonville Tunnel you drive right past without even knowing. From little shops to ghost towns, fall colors to winter hiking trails, these are places less likely traveled and just waiting for you to discover just what makes them special. So come, enjoy Hidden Hocking!